Agriculture LED lighting


All things rely on the sun for growth. Lighting is an indispensable element in the growth and development of agricultural organisms and high quality and high yields.

A number of experts from the semiconductor lighting industry and agricultural experts said on the 3rd that the intelligent lighting and optical link precision control is the inevitable trend of the development of modern facilities and agricultural science and technology. LED agricultural lighting will become a new generation of artificial light sources for modern facility agriculture.

 Agriculture is the foundation of the national economy. With the growth of the population, the increase in the quantity and quality of agricultural products demand, and the continuous reduction of agricultural resources, environmental pollution is deteriorating, and it poses a realistic challenge to the national food security, food security and the effective supply of agricultural products. Facilities agriculture is the mainstay and pillar industry of modern agriculture. It is a kind of modern agriculture that adopts engineering techniques and carries out efficient animal and plant production under relatively controlled conditions. Covering facility cultivation, facility breeding and facility edible fungi.

  According to media reports, in 2012, the area of horticultural facilities in China was more than 5790 million mu, and the net value of the horticultural horticulture industry was more than 580 billion yuan.

  At present, in China's facility agriculture, traditional artificial light sources include high-pressure sodium lamps, fluorescent lamps, etc. These artificial light sources have disadvantages such as high energy consumption and low light efficiency. According to Dr. Li Tao from the Institute of Agro-Environment and Sustainable Development of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the spectrum needed for plants is the blue light of 400-500 nm, which cannot be provided by these traditional artificial light sources.

  Li Tao said that the emergence of LED artificial light source provides a very effective means to achieve the goal of energy-efficient light source, it can be any combination of plant needs, power consumption is 1/5 of the high-pressure sodium lamp, and does not require preheating, high-pressure sodium light turns on After a certain period of time requires a long period of warm-up, the LED light source does not require preheating and has a long service life.