The lighting industry is coming of a non-linear business


The so-called linearity is regular and proportional; the nonlinearity is disproportionate and irregular. As a company. Linear Marketing FromEMKT.com. is taking a step by step, steady and steady, how much head-to-head will have a corresponding proportion of output.

Most of our companies operate this way. The non-linear marketing is the “unconventional way” of the advertising language. It uses unconventional thinking and operation methods, surprisingly winning, and achieving the effect of four or two. In recent years, Apple, Xiaomi, WeChat, FACEBOOK, etc. have all been successful in non-linear marketing. They are rapidly becoming bigger while making many people jealous. In the process of providing services for enterprises, we have found that many small and medium-sized business owners in the development period hope to find a model like the first few companies to grow quickly. In fact, what they need is nonlinear marketing to find a Explosive points, centralized resources, and rapid breakthroughs in unexpected ways. But the ideal is good and the reality is cruel. Not everybody can do non-linear marketing, nor can anyone be successful. Through the characteristics of non-linear non-linear marketing, we can see what kinds of companies can do non-linear marketing, and how can we do non-linear marketing.

  Non-linear marketing features

  Feature 1: Asymmetry. The non-linear marketing has high investment in the early stage, low income, low investment in the later period, and high income. This is why it is called non-linear marketing. The success of non-linear marketing is often referred to as extraordinary growth. In 1995, Qinchi was known as the king of CCTV with twice the profit of RMB 30 million that year, and the highest price of RMB 66.66 million. In 1998, the sales of Aiduo increased violently from 180 million in 1995 to 980 million in 1996. In 1997, Aiduo became a standard king of CCTV with 210 million yuan. In 1998, Aiduo sales reached 2.7 billion, and its market share was 37%. From these two cases, we can see that Qinchi and Aiduo have achieved the status of CCTV Standard King with huge advertising expenses, and the CCTV Standard King has also brought them extraordinary performance growth. Qin Chi and Ai Duo invested a huge amount of advertising expenses in the early stage, but in the long period of time without much investment, they can achieve very good sales performance. This is a typical non-linear marketing. In 2010, after a long period of research and development, Apple delayed the iphone4 and quickly occupied the smartphone market with perfect industrial design and consumer experience. As a result, some low-income people in China prefer to sell their kidneys and raise money to buy oneself. Iphone4. For Apple, the previous research and development is only invested in no output, and after the successful launch of the R & D market, you only need a small amount of investment, you can get very high sales and profits.

  Feature 2: high risk. Although we see that non-linear marketing uses very little money to shake up high sales, risks and benefits coexist, and high-yields must be high-risk. A lot of non-linear marketing success, but it failed more. As mentioned above, Qinchi Qinchi brand, on November 8, 1996, Qinchi Group defended the king with a price of 320 million yuan, while the defending standard king did not bring better performance for Qinchi, 1997 Qinchi's sales revenue dropped by 300 million yuan from the previous year, and Li Rui dropped by 60 million yuan. The risks faced by non-linear marketing companies are similar to those of our personal credit card credits. We use overdraws to anticipate future returns. If future earnings are not as good as originally thought, then companies face the problem of life and death.

   Who can do non-linear marketing

   According to some of the cases we mentioned earlier, many people believe that only some companies that do innovation, some brands are suitable for non-linear marketing, and the rest are not suitable for non-linear marketing. In fact, this view is wrong, we can not limit the thinking in a certain industry or a certain aspect, any company can do non-linear marketing. The key is to find the key elements of non-linear marketing that belong to this industry and this company. The core preconditions for finding this key element are two, one is necessary for the development of the enterprise; the second is that after the high investment in the early stage, lower input and higher income can be achieved in the future. Of course, this high income is also relative. In fact, we can think that as long as it is achieved without input or relatively low investment can bring about relatively stable growth, it can be regarded as companies can do non-linear marketing elements. According to different industry characteristics of enterprises, we classify enterprises into four categories. Analyze what these non-linear marketing elements are for each type of company. Only by identifying their key elements, can companies be able to target when they are doing marketing work.

Innovative company. In innovative enterprises, the core of the survival and development of enterprises is innovation. They need to create a new field or upgrade the original industry to a new level. For such enterprises, the key element of their non-linear marketing is product innovation. Just as Tencent created China’s Internet chat as an era, Baidu became the most search engine for the Chinese people. They all created a new era, and Teng Xun’s WeChat is to innovate on the basis of Michao and improve the product. It has reached a new height, so it can reach 200 million users in a very short time. For innovative companies, innovative products are the core non-linear elements.

Consumer goods companies. In the consumer goods industry, product technology is low and homogeneity is serious. For enterprises, the key is consumer awareness of the brand and control of sales channels. The brand is a non-linear element, because as long as the brand is well established, a certain mental position is formed in the consumer's heart and becomes the first brand recognized by consumers, there will be a good brand pull in the process of product sales. Power and product premiums. For example, Coca Cola is the number one brand of Coca-Cola, and it is precisely because of this that there will be “if the Coca-Cola factory all over the world is burned overnight by the fire, and the next day the headlines of newspapers around the world will be Yes, each bank is really rushing to make a loan to Coca-Cola. "The company will soon be able to make a comeback." Many people think that the channel is a slow, input-output factor that forms a regular linear structure. actually not,